Darth Wader Candle (Limited Edition)
Darth Wader Candle (Limited Edition)

Darth Wader Candle (Limited Edition)

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Imagine if cashmere had a scent - this would be it! 

The DARTH WADER candle is carefully produced in Stockholm made of eco-friendly soy wax and its scent is the core of PIHL STREHL. 

Our first edition of ceramic bowls are handmade by a local ceramist Erika Petersdotter and designed by us and every piece is therefore unique. Say goodbye to all standard sized candles. More is more. 

How do I style it?

Our all black DARTH WADER candle is a beautiful and edgy candle that should be used as a centerpiece in your living room, bedroom or in a spacious entrance. Once empty - clean out and reuse the bowl for snacks or why not as a floral pot. 



BASE - Pachouli, Vanilla, Wood. 
HEART - Jasmine, Ylang. 
TOPNOTE - Aquatic Fresh.
Size : 18 x 9cm 
Color:  Matte black with glazed black drippings.